About us

Our Story
Bethlehem Community Church is a parish of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ).

The land at 183 Moffat Road was purchased by the PCANZ in the mid 1960’s with the purpose of building church and community facilities at some future stage.

Bethlehem Community Church started as a daughter church of St Peters in the City in the early 1990’s, meeting in the Bethlehem College Chapel.
Stage one of the current buildings were opened in 2008 and stage two in 2019.

The facility is named the Bethlehem Community Church Centre because it exemplifies the intended partnership between Bethlehem Community Church and the Bethlehem Community. It is the intention and purpose of Bethlehem Community Church to build facilities that could be used by the congregation for its own activities, and by community groups to serve the community.