An Introduction to Membership at Bethlehem Community Church

What is Membership?

  • It is a commitment not to an institution or club, but to those who comprise the worshipping people (the visible body of Christ) at Bethlehem Community Church.
  • It is a personal commitment firstly to Jesus Christ, your personal Saviour and Lord. (If this is your first time profession of faith, we believe water baptism is a desirable public witness to this fact.)
  • It also means belonging to each other in the faith family of Bethlehem Community Church.
  • It is a commitment to the values and mission philosophy of Bethlehem Community Church.

Values and Mission Philosophy

  1. To know Christ and to make Him known.
  2. To be a multi-faceted, caring church, serving our community in the love of Christ.
  3. To recognise the importance of children and young people as part of the Church family.
  4. To ensure that within Bethlehem Community Church there is a place for you to belong and a part for you to play.
  5. Membership is a commitment to actively discover and use your spiritual gifts for the good of the whole church.

Membership involves

Protecting the unity of your church

  • by acting in love towards other members
  • by encouraging and building up others
  • by supporting leaders
  • by refusing gossip

Sharing the responsibility of your church

  • by praying for its growth
  • by inviting the unchurched to attend
  • by welcoming newcomers into our homes

Being involved in the ministry of your church

  • by discovering your gifts and talents
  • by being equipped to serve
  • by linking with a small group in the church for bible study, ministry, personal growth and fellowship
  • by developing a servant heart and giving time in serving the Lord

Supporting the witness of your church

  • by worshipping and attending regularly
  • by reading your Bible and praying daily
  • by living a life worthy of Christ
  • by giving regularly

Our Commitment to You

To the best of our ability and with God’s help we as the current leadership of Bethlehem Community Church endeavour to:

  • encourage you as you develop your relationship with God.
  • help you to discover and use the gifts that God has given you.
  • help you find a small group for your personal growth.
  • provide relevant Biblical teaching.
  • provide pastoral care as you need it.
  • encourage you to take every opportunity to be trained and involved in the ministry of the church. We want to be permission-giving so that you may take bold steps of faith in serving the Lord.
  • help create a loving and welcoming sense of community in Bethlehem Community Church where you can belong.

Membership Vows

When you become a member you will be asked, in the presence of the congregation, to affirm each of these three vows by saying, “I do.”

  1. Do you confess your faith in God as your Heavenly Father, in Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, and in the Holy Spirit as your Helper and Guide?
  2. Do you promise, with God’s help, to grow as a disciple of Christ, and to continue faithfully in the life, worship, prayer, witness and service of Christ’s church?
  3. In committing yourself to become a member of Bethlehem Community Church, the body of Christ in this place, do you promise to:
    • protect the unity of your church?
    • share the responsibility of your church?
    • be involved in the ministry of your church
    • support the witness of your church?

If you would like to know more about becoming a member of Bethlehem Community Church, please contact the Church Office – Ph: (07) 579 1600 or                                                 Email: