Supporting Missions

Supporting Missions

As part of our church life we want to maintain an outward focus and to be aware of the church at large and what God is doing both in New Zealand and other parts of the world. BCC has formed several mission partnerships which are regularly brought before the church for prayer and support.

Our current mission partners are:

§  Bronwyn Bevin in New York USA, working for Metro World Child

§  Rajesh and Babita Magar, Life Fellowship Church in Katmandu, Nepal

§  Good Neighbour Trust- Tauranga

§  Harvey Walker – NZ / Indonesia

§  Shining Light Trust (David Mann)

§  Kevin and Jillian Connole  Wycliff


The church also sponsors two children, Raani Kuman in India through World Vision and Exilda Tembo in Zambia through Child Fund – these children are a mission focus for Kids Alive.

We also have a relationship through two of our members with Tanna village  Vanuatu and with seasonal workers from Vanuatu