Life Fellowship Nepal

life fellowship photoLife fellowship GroupJeevan Jhunda Church

Jeevan Jhunda Church(Life Fellowship Church) was originally set up in the bottom room of Rajesh and Babita Magar’s home in 2005. They started with just 8 people from their neighbourhood and over the 9 years the church has grown to over 120 members. In those years the church has come under a lot of attack from Hindus and landlords who threatened to kick them out of their home because they were holding church meetings there. Eventually they had to rent a plot of land and put up a tin shed and hold their meetings there. They are still there but have purchased land for a building programme and are fund raising for the building.

Their Vision

They have a love for the community and a passion for God and are constantly looking for new ways they can support the community around them. In 2008 they started a children’s home which is now a registered charity in Nepal. They take in children whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them resulting in children’s lives being turned around. This year they have started a homework club after school each day for kids in the community. This is held in the church and is to keep the kids off the streets and out of trouble while parents are working. They provide them with food and tuition and share God’s love.

Donations to this work may be made through the BCC Office.